Early Years and Nursery

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What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

In September 2014 the Department for Education introduced a new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This is statutory for all early years children and education providers. At our school the EYFS starts when your child enters Nursery and continues until the end of their time in Reception. The EYFS is a framework for child development from birth to the end of Reception Year of primary school. There are seven themes within the EYFS framework.

Communication and language Physical development
Personal, social and emotional development Literacy
Mathematics Understanding the world
Expressive Arts and Design  

These seven themes are used to underpin the learning and development that your child will experience during their time in the EYFS. Children learn in many different ways: watching others, talking, asking questions, listening, exploring and investigating.

Play is the foundation of development and learning for young children and your child will continue to learn through play throughout the EYFS.

The EYFS recognises the importance of parents and carers working in partnership with the school to support their child's learning. The most important way you can help your child is by talking, listening, playing and just having fun with them.