Working with families

Young Carers:

William Martin School is committed to developing provision for young carers and their families.

Young Carers

Behaviour Support Workshops

We are able to run an excellent Behaviour Support Course, starting in January 2019.

Find out more about it here.


Invitation Letter

Children's Society Poster 



Throughout the year we run workshops giving the opportunity for parents to work with their children.
Workshops, usually held in St.Stephen's Church Hall, have covered subjects including:

Making Storysacks
Making Healthy Lunchboxes
Pediatric First Aid
School  Readiness
Organising a Picnic

These workshops have been organised and run by Bonnie Jones.
Bonnie has also organised Home Visits for all new Reception and Nursery children.

Our Learning Mentors, Anna Harvey and Bonnie Jones are always working hard with children and families on every kind of issue, supporting adults as well as children as they join in with school life. 

Both Anna Harvey and Bonnie Jones are available to talk to throughout the day.